Dog Training and Behavior Modification

From adolescent and reactive dogs to newly adopted family members, we want you to enjoy your dog!

Positive Training for All Dogs

From basics to behavior concerns, our team sets your dog up for success.

Positive reinforcement training is how we work with you and your dog. Our goal is to make training easy and comfortable for all involved, while also helping you to understand your dog’s behavior and build better communication through trust. 

We are happy to help with anything from leash manners and basic obedience to more challenging behaviors like reactivity and separation anxiety. 


Going for neighborhood walks can be stressful for you & your reactive dog. Let us help you get your walks under control!


Is your dog walking you? We can help you teach your dog polite leash manners – saving your shoulder & patience.


If leaving your dog alone even for a few minutes causes you stress we can help build your dog’s tolerance!


Is your dog having a hard time adjusting to city life? We can help your pup gain confidence & tackle their fears.

Getting Started: The Initial Consultation

Personalized Plans that Fit Your Life

We work with dogs of all ages and types. From basic manners to more complex behavior issues, our team has the experience to help you and your dog navigate these issues together.

To get started with dog training, we’ll first schedule an initial consultation where we’ll learn all about your dog & specific situation, so we can develop a rock-solid training plan. By the end of the consult, you’ll have an easy to implement action plan that you’ll be able to start on right away.

The initial consultation can be online and it takes around 90 minutes.

The initial consultation can be online and it takes around 90 minutes.

Price: 60 € / 1500 Kc

During the initial consultation, we’ll help you decide which dog training package is right for you:


250 € / 6000 Kc (3 classes/dog)

8 hours


35 € / 900 Kc (for 1 session/dog)

60 minutes

… or a combination of both!

Tech Enhanced Experience

Streamlined services with GPS tracking

Every client we work with gets access to our pet care portal. This portal can be accessed via desktop or mobile app for ease of use. Inside the portal you can see:

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