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  • pronefoalpronefoal

    I needed our 2 dogs to spend the night with a professional service. Dogitory were amazing!
    Communication was fast and friendly. The dog sitter was so kind, attentive and happy to learn about the idiosyncracies of each dog, both dietary and personality. I felt so at ease and relaxed knowing they were both safe and happy 🤗🤩💯 Thanks so much, Carl

  • Daniel FernándezDaniel Fernández

    I contacted Cristina because of my shelter dog who was afraid of dogs, people and loud sounds. I tried leaving my dog for just minutes with a friend and she didn't want to stay there at all, but with Cristina it was totally different. After one day, my dog was super relax and happy with her. I could tell my dog trusted her a lot in short a period of time. It was fantastic to work with her and see ton of improvements in my little puppy. Now she is playing with other dogs, it's a little more curious about people and support loud sounds inside tram/metro. I really recommend Dogitory, even if your dog doesn't have any fear, they really enjoy their time with Cristina.

  • Grainne MckennaGrainne Mckenna

    Just adding on from this original post… Hodge is now a regular overnight holiday visitor to the FABULOUS Dogitory team. I sincerely cannot recommend Cristina & her amazing team enough!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 They look after & love our old boy like we do.. all his senior needs including medication, patience, fussy food needs & slow walks. We are so happy to have found them and feel truly at ease going away without our boy when we have too. Thank you Cristina, Jessica & Silvia 🥰🥰🥰

    Our boy Hodge 🐕 will hopefully be using Cristina’s wonderful daycare and overnight sitting services in the very near future 🤞🤞🤞 However, we have used Cristina’s online help for guidance and training in how best to support our senior boy with separation anxiety issues, which had become much more pronounced after all the lockdowns and working from home. Cristina’s love for dogs was evident from the first minute of our chat but it was her knowledge and insight that into dog behaviour that made us feel we were in good hands. Her practical advice and tips were simply to do, the biggest problem was us humans sticking to them! 🤦‍♀️ I’m delighted to say, even though we have more work to do, Hodge’s anxiety has improved and he’s a lot calmer when we leave him now. We managed to build him up to being on his own for nearly 6hours! 1st time in 18 months!! He was sleeping when we got home, so calm and a much happier doggie..Such progress! Thank you Cristina 🥰 We can’t wait for him to start daycare 🐕🐾💕🥰

  • Carmelita CorreiaCarmelita Correia

    Cristina is really amazing! We bought the puppy class for our Ollie boy. This was a great experience will definitely recommend it if you need some training for your doggo.
    We received plenty of updates every day including pictures. She gave us lots of tips and advice how to improve areas Ollie needs to approve on to be well behaved dog.

  • Vincent CorpusVincent Corpus

    Christina was such a great help for us and our Emma. Emma has been in the family for quite some time, and was a rescue from the states. She has always been very demanding, and loves to be loved, as long as it is on her terms. With our recent move to Prague, there has been lots of change for her: She lost a pack-mate, who is living with our daughter, she has lost her house (and the big yard/garden that went with it), and has lost her regular routine of people she knew and loved. This coupled with all of the new dogs, people, and things (trams, buses, trucks, people, kids, bikes, etc - you know, city life) has resulted in quite bit of anxiety for her, and also a high pitched whine and yelp that sounds like she is being harmed when another dog comes around. So, some significant issues to be sure.

    Christina has helped Emma to become more self assured, and we've even been riding on public the last few days, which means you will run into dogs in a confined space where there is no escape. Emma is better behaved, has some coping skills and mechanisms, and is really a completely different dog. We've had five days of training and behavior modification, and it has helped so much. If you have a problem pup, Christina can help, and you will not be disappointed with your results. She will also give you insight into why your doggo is doing what she is doing, and some tips and tricks to help you provide more stimulation, structure, and mindset to help your doggo succeed and address her needs for growth. I highly recommend, and so does your doggo!!!

  • Dor PeledDor Peled

    Best service with best girls ever ! We are so happy to find u and our dog never seemed so happy 🙂

  • Jenny CheangJenny Cheang

    Very good service and my dog loves spending time with the trainer Cristina!!!!!

  • Emirhan KandemirEmirhan Kandemir

    I definitely recommend Dogitory that helps your dog for getting progress its behavior. My dog that Akita Inu breed knows as aggressive dogs, was trained by Cristina and she was super kind and beneficial for my dog behavior. I got many daily informative e-mails from Dogitory during the day my dog was there and the e-mails were so lovely 🙂 We are more happier thanks to Dogitory

  • Rann Raphael GreenRann Raphael Green

    Very helpful with training sunny our dog! Cristina was knowledgable, responsive and offered helpful personal tips regarding behaviors we should exercise both at home and during our walks.
    We liked that the environment was positive and yet disciplinary and we could see how sunny bonded with Cristina instantly.

    AND most important,
    We felt 100% safe leaving sunny with Cristina, knowing he is in good hands.

    highly recommended ☑️☑️☑️☑️☑️

  • Andrea DufourAndrea Dufour

    Our 14 year old chihuahua has been suffering severe separation anxiety. When he stayed with Cristina we were so happy to find that he had no stress and even ate his food (he never eats away from home!). Cristina took her time and updated us often about his progress. We couldn’t be more happy about her excellent care for our dog. We highly recommended this company.

  • Caté SilvaCaté Silva

    I only experienced the daycare and dog sitting. In both occasions my little Yorkie loved it.Cristina is very attentive to all his needs and very professional.

  • Manonka WrhaManonka Wrha

    I had a phone consultation with Cristina, for our rescue dog that was very scared of her new environment resulting on her not wanted to stay outside.
    Cristina gave us a lot of advices and tricks to add to our daily routine that helped us a lot to improve our connection.
    We will for sure contact again Dogitory if we need any of their services.

  • Katerina DevineKaterina Devine

    We love Dogitory!!! With our busy schedules, we needed a friendly and reliable dog walking service. That is exactly what we found in Dogitory!!! Their services is amazing. They were so easy to deal with. The costs fit into our budget. Lorraine was so friendly and our dog, Kofi, took to her as if he had known her his entire doggy life. If you are looking to ease the burden of a busy schedule and a alternative to leaving your dog at home for long periods of time, Look no further….we (and our doggy Kofi) strongly suggest Dogitory and their people. They are top class!

  • Katie WhyKatie Why

    Our puppy Flynn loves going to puppy classes! Dogitory communicates brilliantly throughout the day with regular reports and pictures! I really like how they share their expertise and give really helpful tips and advice too! Flynn’s puppy classes are excellent because Dogitory trains Flynn in areas that we suggested needed improving, making it such a personalised approach! I would highly recommend this service 🐶

  • Tom HidvegiTom Hidvegi

    Amazing team! They became like family taking care of our biewer terrier Rocco who absolutely loves spending time with them! I couldn’t be more grateful! Pro team, great care! The app is amazing receiving updates and being able to handle booking and invoicing all at one. Thank youuuu!

  • Coaching Sapiens - by Mirela M MBPsSCoaching Sapiens - by Mirela M MBPsS

    The owner is very caring and she truly loves dogs. She goes over herself to accommodate their needs and learn what makes them happy. I recommend her services to any dog owner!

  • Aliya NazarkasimovaAliya Nazarkasimova

    Absolute best.. caring, loving, giving you a lot of piece of mind about leaving your loved one in Cristina's care. Communication is a lot daily, many time during the day, a lot of great funny pics. Thank you Cristina and your partner for love and best care and training (Puppy School!!!) every day she was with you. Cristina always picked up my Bella on time, and positing how she met her, it was sweet. We have definitely found for ourselves a home away from home for Bella for times when we decide to take a trip and she has to stay at home (long flight/etc.)
    Thank you so much!

  • Andrea JoyAndrea Joy

    Our 14 year old chihuahua has been suffering severe separation anxiety. When he stayed with Cristina we were so happy to find that he had no stress and even ate his food (he never eats away from home!). Cristina took her time and updated us often about his progress. We couldn’t be more happy about her excellent care for our dog. We highly recommended this company.

  • Michaela SapphireMichaela Sapphire

    Cristina was amazing with our young puppy girl. I was amazed how quickly she made progress with her and it was also obvious that our doggo loved spending time together with her. I would recommend her to all our dog owning friends.

  • Guilherme TomaschitzGuilherme Tomaschitz

    We discovered Dogitory and Cristina through some amazing recommendations and they were indeed right. We have a shelter dog who is super afraid of the world around so we were a bit skeptical to leave her alone with “strangers”. It end up Cristina became one of the best friends of our little fur friend in no time. It’s incredible to see the huge progress our little one made within only 3 classes, and how much she enjoyed going to the classes and how much she loves Cristina, it’s a new dog and we cannot believe it! I felt relieved with the constant updates during the day provided by Cristina and by the knowledge, care, attention that was provided to us since the first contact via phone we had. Don’t hesitate in case you think you might need some help with your little one, I don’t believe there’s anyone else in Prague more passionate, professional, kind and loving towards not only the pups but to people. She was also always asking what should be focused on the next session, plus she even gave a bath on a cold day after some rain plus some many extra positive services we did not hire that proves how amazing she really is. Mia can’t wait to see her and spend some days together again! Huge thanks for everything Dogitory, little Mia is sending lots of love licks and saying she misses you a lot!

  • Zuzana HarmincovaZuzana Harmincova

    I fully recommend Dogitory Puppy Classes to anyone, not only my puppy Marley but myself too, we learned a lot in those few days, and Cristina was giving tips, tricks and advice via the portal and during our consultation before the classes started. In terms of organisation, Cristina is a professional and I appreciated a lot the clear portal where you could find all in one place, including detailed photo reports and tips as the classes were advancing. I look forward to future cooperation as I feel we have plenty to learn from Dogitory and it was a reward for my puppy and me to be able to use their services. I also have to comment on the price because I was looking for dog trainers in the past and some of the prices were really high, which is not the case of Dogitory, so that is another positive point from my perspective. We both loved Cristina, her positive approach, flexibility in terms of pick up and the whole experience was a great and enjoyable lesson ☺️ Marley and me are looking forward to some dog sitting or some more puppy classes !

  • Melissa BrunoehlerMelissa Brunoehler

    Cristina was wonderful with our 2 dogs, Otis and Enzo, who aren't the greatest with strangers, but they warmed up to her in no time! I could tell how much they loved being with her. I highly recommend Dogitory!

  • Helena AlmasovHelena Almasov

    We love Dogitory! Cristina took an amazing care of our puppy, trained him and taught him a lot of new things. She also explained specific behaviours to us in detail and advised how to manage it on our own. On top of that she was also unbelievably flexibile with our busy office schedules and always made it work. I can only highly recommend this service as you can be assured your doggo will be very well taken care of!

  • Cristina DumitrașcuCristina Dumitrașcu

    I had the pleasure to work with Cristina for a almost 2 months now and I couldn't be happier with our online collaboration! First I find it absolutely amazing that she is been able to help me so much with my dog just by having remote sessions from the phone or via Zoom. I was sceptic in the begining that this will actually work but once I decided to follow her advice I could see positive charges right away and my dog is now happy and relaxed. She explained in detailed not only the exersizes recommended for my dog's anxiety and fear but also the canine psychology behind it which I very much appreciated as now I know why my dog was behaving in a bad way! I recommend this service for anyone who wants to have a behaved dog!

  • Russell SmithRussell Smith

    Cristina has taken good care of my puppy Argo and he looks forward to her visiting us. The service has always been prompt and professional. Regular updates also mean that I can be sure everything is OK without having to ask. Being able to book via the online app is also convenient. I'd definitely recommend Dogitory if you need someone to take good care of your dog.

  • Iveta RepaskaIveta Repaska

    I would def recommend Cristina. She is professional, educated with high quality of services. She gave us many tricks that already helped within 3 days of training and I am so grateful to see required results. I was 100 % sure that my Lily had a great time and received many photos with „diary“ through the day.
    I will for sure contact Dogitory again if we need services in future. 🙂

  • Martin KlikarMartin Klikar

    Cristina is absolutely amazing! I can definitely recommend her. We bought a puppy class for our little Aussie Rozi and it was great experience for her. We were receiving a lot of updates throughout the whole day including pictures. Cristina socialized our Rozi with other dogs and new environments which is super beneficial and crucial for a puppy I believe. Cristina also spotted some areas we can work on with Rozi and that can help us achieve having a well behaved city dog!

  • Johannes ThunJohannes Thun

    We approached Cristina because of some behavioral issues with our 10-months-old rescue dog Juno that we struggled to fix ourselves (mostly barking and separation anxiety).
    We scheduled an online consultation where she analysed the situation and gave us very useful tips and tricks to apply immediately and we definitely saw the impact during the next few walks.
    A few days later, Juno stayed with her for a whole 8 hours ("puppy class") and while she was initially scared and confused, she warmed up to Cristina very quickly and seemingly had a great day. Thanks to Dogitory's frequent updates (text & pictures, including advice for the future) we could track this progress throughout the day. Afterwards she was a knackered, but happy pupper as seen in the photo 🙂
    We are very happy with Dogitory and are looking forward to the next session!

  • Camilla VBCamilla VB

    Cristina was a wonderful, friendly and professional trainer for our 6 month old whippet Olive. As first-time dog owners, we had lots of questions regarding training, and Cristina managed to give us a great insight on what happens in a puppy brain! She also then explained how to correct a certain behaviour pattern, how she is going to tackle it during the class and most importantly, how we continue the training ourselves once at home. During the classes, I had very regular updates including pics - which was great. We felt very at ease asking everything we wanted to know, even after the training. I would absolutely recommend her services. Thank you Cristina, Olive had a wonderful time!

  • Marce ValverdeMarce Valverde

    I can thank enough Diana she was amazing with Lúa, she updated me all the time while she was w her, I have a happy dog at home, I can’t recommend them enough. Also big thanks to Cristina she make sure I was ok with everything, prepared everything and helped me all the way so I could have full access to the portal and the App. I love Dogitory and I will keep trusting them w Lúa. Thank you so much❤️

  • Wendy SchaeferWendy Schaefer

    I totally recommend Cristina and Dogitory. She looks after my two little angels when we go away. You have updates consistently during the day with pictures and information on how the doggies are doing. She is always available for questions and responds immediately when you send a message. The app works wonderfully and ensures you have all the information you need at all times. Wonderful service and my dogs are always safe and happy 😊

  • Karen MorenoKaren Moreno

    I recommend Dogitory and Cristina 1000 times over. She is a consummate professional. From our very first interaction, I immediately knew that Cristina had a special quality. She was kind and patient and extremely knowledgeable. She immediately started sharing tips for training the pups before I had even committed to signing up with her. Her tone and demeanor were quite endearing. I immediately signed up for the online training session as well as three puppy classes. During the online training session, Cristina set the pace for success. She shared her immense knowledge about dogs and best practices for training them. She discussed many theories during this session from both an emotional, psychological and scientific level. Her objective is to help ensure your puppy is happy, calm and relaxed. She answered all my questions through out the session. She even provided handouts that reiterated the tips she provided. I highly recommend this course for those interested in understanding the philosophy behind her training tactics as well as gain an understanding of your puppy’s psyche.

    I have two puppies and signed them up for puppy classes together and after the first session I immediately noticed a difference in their behavior. After the first session, the puppies went happily with Cristina. She immediately went down to their level and gave them cuddles and belly rubs. They are normally hesitant when they meet new people but they were instantly comfortable with her. She sent me pictures of the as they were exploring and learning through out the day. The puppies were exhausted that evening evidence that they were stimulated during the entire time spent with Cristina. By the third session, the puppies were new puppies. They were not biting at all (my pups were teething so we had a big mouthing issue). They were noticeably more social around other dogs and people. Moreover, they were learning to share toys with each other and with the other puppies in puppy class. In addition, one of them was walking off leash and the other is almost ready to go. I love that Cristina provide a very individual puppy approach. Even with two pups, she created individual training plans and goals for both of them. We have signed up for additional trainings and feel that we have found a lifelong friend in Cristina. You will not be disappointed in Dogitory!!! Worth every penny!!! I have two happy puppies. Did I mentioned that my pups are happy to see me when I pick them up but they are not ready to leave. They enjoy being around her.

  • Đặng GiangĐặng Giang

    I absolutely highly recommend Dogitory for dog parents. I have a puppy Chihuahua 10 months old, aggressive and anxious with doggos and people, problem on leash walking, pulling, biting, socializing but after 3 days training with Cristina I have no words to say, I totally have seen positive results and how he has changed from it.

    He has learned to walk nicely, neither barking nor growling to the other dog, being more friendly with doggos and restrain from biting people.

    I also have learned a lot from the tips and tricks that she shared so I can implement it to have a good training results for my puppy.

    Cristina is very professional, she kept me an update every hours which is very nice and lovely to see my puppy is doing better every day. Every walking were reported in the map with very nice pictures and details updates which made me less worrier than ever cause I have never left my puppy for anyone for 8 hours a day before.

    Big thanks to Cristina who did an amazing hard work and can’t wait too see her again🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻.

  • Stephanie WilliamsStephanie Williams

    Dogitory is the absolute best. Our dog loves "Auntie Cristina" so much that when she brings him home to us after we return from vacation he mopes around for a day or two missing her... much to the chagrin of his loving parents 🙂 She really is like an extended family member and I trust her completely. She's the best dog walker/sitter I've ever had in either the USA or CZ. We're very lucky to have her in our lives.

  • Mona CărăulaşuMona Cărăulaşu

    I highly recommend Dogitory and Cristina, who is an amazing person and trainer.
    My 8m shelter puppy, Zoe, who was afraid of almost everything including people, is now, after 3 days with Cristina another dog 🙂 Zoe loved Cristina from the 1st interaction and now she is more confident in our walks, and more calm around other dogs and people.
    Before the puppy classes I was not able to leave my pup with someone else, not even for 2 minutes, but with Cristina was a totally different experience. Zoe was happy to stay with her and super excited every morning I got her to Dogitory.
    The updates throughout the day with pictures and advices are great; you always know what your puppy is doing and you get great tips.
    Thank you, Cristina!

  • Elvita ZabelaElvita Zabela

    Silvia was very pleasant and friendly dog sitter. We could tell that she truly loves dogs and enjoys looking after them . She was looking after our little French bulldog Londy for 4 days and we received regular stories about her and lot of pictures every day of her adventures. Thank you very much for everything and we will for sure contact you again in the near future.

  • Paul KlemmPaul Klemm

    I can only say the best over Cristina and everyone who is working their. I kinda got the full program online consultation before we got our puppy after some time puppy classes and after a few months,when we went to our first vacation we gave our puppy to her to take care of him. They provide everyday updates with alot of photos and everything you need.

    5/5 for everyone who needs dog training, dog walker or a dog sitter.

  • Sarah McAulaySarah McAulay

    I can't recommend Cristina highly enough! Her work with our 5 month old Frenchie, Thor, over three days was fantastic! We were having some issues getting him to sleep over night in his crate - but just two nights with Cristina and he now spends the whole night fast asleep in his crate! He is also much better when out on walks, lots more walking and less sitting down! Cristina kept me updated throughout the day with lots of messages and photos, it was reassuring to know that Thor was in safe hands and having a great time! We will definitely use Cristina and Dogitory again in the future 🐾❤️

  • Katerina Phillips LichaKaterina Phillips Licha

    Great service and quick communication. And the best is that our dog loves to go for walk with people from Dogitory.

  • Yasemin Yilmaz-WingYasemin Yilmaz-Wing

    Our puppy Maya recently attended puppy classes with Cristina and we couldn't recommend her enough. Over the course of 3 classes, we noticed a significant change in Maya. She followed instructions better, curbed many of her 'problem behaviours' that 4 month old puppies experience and made the overall experience as pleasant as possible. We really appreciated the almost hourly very-detailed updates with pictures and video, letting us know exactly what Maya was up to so we didn't need to worry about her throughout the day. Cristina also did extra research when necessary to ensure that we were well-informed as well as what we should look out for and how to prevent any issues moving forward. We will definitely use her again if we need any help with Maya and recommend her to anyone who wants a well-trained dog.

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