Early socialization is vital to a well-adjusted dog’s development. Let us help you mold the perfect city dog who is ready for anything.
Rambunctious teenage dog embarrassing you at the dog park or jumping on guests? We’ll help you create better habits for your over-grown pup.
We can help eliminate all of the barking & lunging on leash. Imagine what it will feel like to enjoy your walks again!
New to owning a dog & don’t know where to start? We can get you started on the right foot, so you can bond with your new companion.
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  • Anna HolladayAnna Holladay

    I used Dogitory's dog sitting services for a week over the winter holidays and would highly recommend it! The communication with Cristina and the dog sitter Jess was great. I got pictures and updates multiple times a day and knew that he was being well taken care of. He came home a happy dog!

  • Paul KlemmPaul Klemm

    I can only say the best over Cristina and everyone who is working their. I kinda got the full program online consultation before we got our puppy after some time puppy classes and after a few months,when we went to our first vacation we gave our puppy to her to take care of him. They provide everyday updates with alot of photos and everything you need.

    5/5 for everyone who needs dog training, dog walker or a dog sitter.

  • Vincent CorpusVincent Corpus

    Christina was such a great help for us and our Emma. Emma has been in the family for quite some time, and was a rescue from the states. She has always been very demanding, and loves to be loved, as long as it is on her terms. With our recent move to Prague, there has been lots of change for her: She lost a pack-mate, who is living with our daughter, she has lost her house (and the big yard/garden that went with it), and has lost her regular routine of people she knew and loved. This coupled with all of the new dogs, people, and things (trams, buses, trucks, people, kids, bikes, etc - you know, city life) has resulted in quite bit of anxiety for her, and also a high pitched whine and yelp that sounds like she is being harmed when another dog comes around. So, some significant issues to be sure.

    Christina has helped Emma to become more self assured, and we've even been riding on public the last few days, which means you will run into dogs in a confined space where there is no escape. Emma is better behaved, has some coping skills and mechanisms, and is really a completely different dog. We've had five days of training and behavior modification, and it has helped so much. If you have a problem pup, Christina can help, and you will not be disappointed with your results. She will also give you insight into why your doggo is doing what she is doing, and some tips and tricks to help you provide more stimulation, structure, and mindset to help your doggo succeed and address her needs for growth. I highly recommend, and so does your doggo!!!

  • Andrea DufourAndrea Dufour

    Our 14 year old chihuahua has been suffering severe separation anxiety. When he stayed with Cristina we were so happy to find that he had no stress and even ate his food (he never eats away from home!). Cristina took her time and updated us often about his progress. We couldn’t be more happy about her excellent care for our dog. We highly recommended this company.

  • Aliii KAliii K

    We went to dogitory with our 3.5 year old chihuahua. We got him as a foster 3 months ago and fell in love. However, he is very reactive to other dogs and barks and lunges at them, he started to develop the same behavior with people.
    After the consultation with Cristina and by applying her tips, he slowly improved, but we still decided to do the 3 day puppy classes.
    Already after the first day there was a huge improvement, he didn't bark at the dogs on our way back and was much more relaxed and calm.
    She always gave us tips on how to improve our behaviour and how to correct him.
    We now have a very relaxed and happy dog, and know what to do to make sure it stays this way. I would have never imagined to see Eddie on walks with other dogs, but thanks to Cristina this is no problem anymore.
    I can only recommend Cristina for any dog problems you may have, she know how to care for your doggos and also how to help them being the bestest boys/girls.
    Thank you so much again for your help with Eddie! 🙂

New to owning a dog & don’t know where to start? We can get you started on the right foot, so you can bond with your new companion.