We always charge 50% upfront deposit for any services except training consultations which are always charged 100% upfront.

You can cancel or modify previously scheduled requests up to 7 days in advance at no extra charge and with full refund of your deposit.

If you choose to cancel after this period the deposit is not refundable.

We maintain a strict cancellation policy, as a courtesy to our team and their time. Without sufficient notice, they may be unable to consider arrangements to supply for their income loss or time they blocked in their calendar.


For every service you request, you will receive a notification containing a full report about your dog together with plenty of photos and a map with GPS tracking so you see where she was walked and have the peace of mind that your dog is taken care of as you requested.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff as well as for the other dogs we have in care we require proof of vaccination and knowledge about the pet’s health condition and behavior when you sign-up. This information is always available for you via your person account.

We always start out training program with an initial training consultation. This call is tailored for you personally and directly addresses the needs and proper tools for you to succeed in training your dog, weather is a new puppy in your home or you want find the most efficient way to tackle with specific behaviors of your dog. 

This is why prior to the call it crucial to give us a clear picture of your dog in relation with the behaviors you are looking to encourage or discourage. A special form with questions is part of your personal account and needs to be filled in before the call. 

Our trainer will then introduce and fully explain our chosen method of training, including the specific techniques involved and objectives of these. At the end of the consultation you will have the knowledge and techniques to enable you to implement the training immediately. 

As the techniques we use are simple and naturally instinctive to your dog, they understand it very quickly. At this point it might be that your dog already improved or you may feel the need to go further with the program and choose puppy classes or training walks with our trainer.

Training and puppy classes is a 8 hours program that starts in the morning when dog parent brings their dog at our center and picks them up 8 hours after.

During this time we focus on the behaviors and targets we agreed to work on during the online training consultation so that next time you try them with your dog it’s going to be easier since your dog won’t be expose to it the first time.

We always works on the pace of the dog and use only positive methods.

Puppy classes are always sold in a bundle of 3 to begin with. After you can book them one by one at the price of 2000 Kc each.

Our dog training and coaching program is based around your dog’s routine daily activities, such as feeding, walking, playing etc.

The techniques we use don’t involve any additional time or activity, they are simply a different way of doing your dog’s normal routine, but communicated to them in a way which is instinctive and natural to them and which can naturally resolve behavioral problems over the long term.

A training walk helps to reinforce the training techniques discussed in the initial consultation.

This is where our trainer will walk together with you and your dog and focus specifically on the behavioral issue your dog has, during the walk (e.g, aggression towards other dogs/people, anxious on walks, barking on walks, pulling on leash, not listening) and address other dog training matters.


Before starting to work together we always make sure to understand your dog’s personality and behavior in order to provide a great experience for her.