We take the anxiety out of having to leave your dog in the city while you are away by sending daily notifications with GPS, photos and information so you have peace of mind about your dog!
We care for your dog according to your instructions when it comes to feeding and daily activities to offer the best experience for both dog and human in a professional manner!
We offer 3 walks per day, during morning, lunch time and evening and we are happy to adjust it to your dog’s preferences. You will receive a notification at the end of each walk!
We live in apartments suited for dogs, close to parks and forests or with garden access to offer a great experience for your dog and built a long lasting relationship!
  • week days: 33 € / 800 Kc
  • weekend days & public holidays: 41 € / 1000 Kc
  • extra dog 22 € / 500 Kc
We include 3 walks per day with the overnight price
We send 3 notifications per day with GPS, photos and report about your dog
For every new client we work with, we create a separate account with mobile app and desktop access so that you can benefit of and check:
  • what services you scheduled for your dog
  • your daily GPS notifications included in the price of services
  • what information you shared with us
  • your invoices
  • your dog’s profile
  • request services via the app
  • integrated chat for notifications and other communication.