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The Best Option for Expat Pet Parents in Prague

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Serving the Expat Pups of Prague

We offer custom, flexible, and safe services, ensuring your dog has a fantastic time. From playful puppies to mature dogs, we address behavioral issues with comprehensive services tailored to every pup’s needs.

Our professional team provides unparalleled care in staff homes with access to green spaces. Small, tailored daycare groups ensure a good time, with GPS tracking for peace of mind. Meticulously crafted training and sitting services cater to each dog’s unique needs.

At Dogitory, we redefine canine care in Prague with a commitment to safety, enrichment, and relaxation for both pets and their parents.

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Our dedicated and professional team loves working with dogs of all ages and sizes. Using positive reinforcement, we can help your pup become the city dog you have always wanted!

Meet the Team

We promise our team will love your pet as much as you do.


Cristina, Dogitory's Owner, brings 10+ years of hands-on dog experience and 7 years in various business roles to her leadership. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, now in Prague, she grew up with dogs, shaping her commitment to a focused and nurturing environment. Though not a current pet owner, this choice ensures undivided attention to the dogs in her care. Cristina's career evolution led to Dogitory, where she curates a harmonious environment, finding joy in positive dog transformations and fostering a respectful work culture. Beyond work, she enjoys nature, cooking, volunteering for dog causes, and tending to plants, reflecting her dedication to a positive approach in both personal and professional life.


Silvy, a dedicated Dog Sitter at Dogitory since February 2019, brings 5 years of experience with a background in Economics and International Relations. Originally from Romania and now in Prague, her life has always included a variety of animals, from hamsters to dogs. Leaving the corporate world for her passion, Silvy joined Dogitory in 2019, aiming to create a warm, affectionate, and playful home away from home for dogs. Her genuine love for animals contributes to the positive atmosphere at Dogitory. Beyond her role, Silvy enjoys sports, socializing, movies, and reading.


Jess, Dog Sitter and Trainer at Dogitory, hails from Colombia and spent over a decade in Ireland before settling in Prague. Despite being currently pet-less, she draws inspiration from her childhood surrounded by dogs, parrots, chickens, and fish. Jess shifted her aspirations from cartoonist and comedian to working with dogs, finding joy in balancing her energy, staying calm in stressful situations, and learning from dogs' loyalty. Mentored by Cristina, Jess transitioned from an occasional Sitter to a main Sitter and Trainer at Dogitory. Her favorite part is witnessing shy dogs transform into confident companions. In her free time, Jess enjoys writing, painting, reading, and walks in the cemetery.


Diana, Dog Trainer and Sitter at Dogitory, born in Bucharest, Romania, now in Prague, discovered her affinity for nature and animals through her childhood dog, Puffy. After roles in sales and HR, she transitioned to a work-from-home setup, sparked by a friend's dog care request. Collaborating with Dogitory's founder, Cristina, Diana found her passion in training and sitting dogs, a role she's embraced for 5 years. Cherishing the joy and companionship dogs bring, Diana focuses on positive reinforcement, love, and patience in her training approach. Specializing in separation anxiety, puppy training, and aiding newly adopted dogs, her dedication extends beyond work. An active and creative soul, Diana enjoys hikes, travel, and handmade projects. Passionate about understanding each dog individually, Diana ensures a compassionate approach to training and care, making her integral to the Dogitory team.

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